Traditional Italian salads

    • carpaccio


      Thinly sliced raw beef served on an organic mixed green salad topped with shaved parmigiano.

    • bresaola



      Air cured beef with arugula salad topped with shaved parmigiano.

    • foce



      Tomato, tuna and pecorino cheese served over an organic mixed green salad.

    • fratelli d'italia


      Fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes, topped with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

    • cetrarese


      Tomatoes, mixed olives, onions and oregano with extra virgin olive oil (not served on mixed greens).

    • zia rosina


      Organic mixed green salad and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.


      Italian antipasti (15 minutes prep time)

    • calamaretti di suora celeste

      calamaretti di suora celeste


      Fresh deep fried calamari served with a side salad.

    • patatine fritte

      patatine fritte


      Deep fried potato and leeks served with Giovanni style tartar sauce. (Italian French fires).

    • pizza san francesco di paola


      Focaccia with tomato and mozzarella.

    • maresciallo


      Italian antipasto:  assorted imported meats, cheese and olives served on a wooden board.

    • arancino siculo


      Sicilian style rice ball filled with veal meat sauce and peas.

    • calamaretti del sacrestano

      calamaretti del sacrestano


      Fresh calamari marinated and grilled.

    • Entrees

    • Pesce Spada alla Griglia

      Pesce Spada alla Griglia

      Fresh swordfish filet marinated and grilled to perfection, served with an arugula salad.

    • Pesce Misto

      Fresh swordfish, tuna, calamari and shrimp marinated and grilled; savor every bite.


      Sandwiches (served on a baguette), with a side salad

    • tizio


      Homemade sausage, peppers and onion sandwich.

    • caio


      Thinly sliced beef, provolone cheese and sautéed onion sandwich.

    • sempronio


      Prosciutto, mozzarella and roasted peppers sandwich.

    • forza Italia


      Speck (smoked) prosciutto, trugole cheese, and arugula sandwich.

    • bastardo


      Homemade olive tapenade, genova salami and pecorino cheese sandwich.

    • porchetta


      Roasted pork, seasoned with garlic, fennel and black pepper sandwich.

    • bocca di rosa


      Eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce and parmigiano sandwich.

    • cosa nostra


      Roast beef sandwich with hot giardiniera (hot/spicy relish).

    • viva l'italia


      Focaccia bread with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil.

    • cafone


      Focaccia bread with parma cotto ham, provoletta cheese, and baby artichokes.

    • checcali


      Focaccia bread with tuna, mayo and cherry tomatoes.

    • abbuffino


      Focaccia bread with spicy calabrese salami, and smoke mozzarella cheese (toasted).

    • muratore


      Mortadella, provolone, and tomato sandwich.

    • Primi Piatti

    • Penne al Pomodoro

      Penne pasta sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, tomato and fresh basil.